Donald Trump: 'We Will Defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism'

President Trump used his first speech to military service members Monday to accuse the news media of refusing to report on terrorist attacks.

At MacDill, the president is to be briefed by Centcom and Special Operations Command (Socom) leaders, join troops for lunch and deliver a speech.

He began by discussing how "radical Islamic terrorists are determined to strike our (the US) homeland" as they did on 9/11, in the Boston bombings and in San Bernardino. You've seen what happened in Paris and Nice.

He again talked of the "dishonest media", suggesting in many cases they do not report on the atrocities linked to ISIS.

"America stands in awe of your courage", he said. Special Operations Command at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida, Trump did not refer directly to his executive order travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries, now the subject of court challenges.

During his speech, Trump claimed that the media is not reporting on terrorist attacks, though he did not explain why.

Conway later called it an "honest mistake" and said she'd meant to refer to a pair of Iraqis who came as refugees in 2009 and were arrested in 2011 in Bowling Green, Ky. for supporting terrorism against the US while in Iraq. Its rollout sparked confusion at airports and protests nationwide, but Trump the White House has defended it as necessary to properly vet people coming from countries with terrorism concerns.

"Let me recognize our great governor and a very good friend of mine, and somebody who endorsed me, that makes him a better friend of mine", Trump said.

"We had a wonderful election, didn't we? We will defeat Radical Islamic terrorism and we will not allow it to take root in our country". "We're not going to allow it". "You like me, and I like you".

However, the president said he wants a strong program of border controls to ensure that those who are admitted to the USA are "people that love us and want to love our country - not people that want to destroy us and destroy our country". We will defeat them.

Trump touched upon various alliances in his remarks, noting, "we strongly support North Atlantic Treaty Organisation".

A Navy Seal, Chief Special Warfare Operator William "Ryan" Owens, 36, of Peoria, Illinois, was killed, making him the first known United States combat casualty under Trump.

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