Canadian man Anton Pilipa missing 5 years found in Amazon jungle

Yet despite his horrific ordeal he was arrested over years-old assault charges upon his return.

Pilipa is now back on his medication and will have to face charges that were pending when he disappeared in 2012.

Stefan Pilipa raised more than $12,500 through GoFundMe to pay for the flight to bring his brother home on Monday.

"The timing is suspect".

"But in my heart of hearts, I didn't think he could be". "He was restless. That is the major form of his mental illness".

Along the way he travelled across two continents and at least nine countries, including the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil - all without a passport and few possessions.

"His health was starting to deteriorate", he said. "I feel amazed that he's alive and had made it that far".

He said that he sleeps out in the open, feeding and clothing himself from trash cans, but also received generosity from those he's met along the way. "It's very simple to live, we do not need many things".

He walked 800km along through the Amazon jungle where he survived snakes, jaguars, spiders, and caimans. Anton is a different type from us Brazilians, he stands out. The Vancouver man was barefoot and had no means of identification. He still speaks nearly no Spanish or Portuguese.

Incredibly, with the help of several worldwide agencies and embassies, she was able to track down his family who flew down to be reunited with their lost loved one.

His brother, Stefan, told MailOnline: 'I was stunned.

Anton Pilipa told BBC Brasil: "I know that I am very lucky to be alive".

"He looked pretty rough", said Stefan, who made the trip to come get him. Anton is now staying with Stefan in Toronto while he recovers from the ordeal. He was later released on bail.

The anti-poverty activist then set out on an epic quest to the National Library of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Brazilian police posted a picture of the highway where Pilipa was seen.


"I thought, if he says he's Canadian, I'm sure I can find his family".

She took him to a local hospital but while they were trying to identify him, he fled. So he turned around and began his trek into Brazil where he would eventually be found. "We truly were afraid he could be eaten by one of those animals", Vidigal said.

Anton walked most of his 10,000 miles, occasionally he would steal a ride on board a truck.

What happened in the five years he was missing remains a mystery.

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