SNL pokes Trump for inauguration crowd size with Putin cold open

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SNL pokes Trump for inauguration crowd size with Putin cold open

It's barely been a full day since Donald Trump's inauguration, but one of his closest allies is already getting annoyed with him, according to the satirical reporting of Saturday Night Live. "I am so happy", she says.

There are some good points, though.

The show opened with Putin commenting on the attendance of Trump's inauguration.

"Oh, wait that's the Women's March", Bennett said. President Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov told Russian state broadcaster Vesti: "He is not our man, he is America's man".

On Friday, Trump had his swearing-in ceremony as the 45th president of the United States, giving rise to hopes that under his administration the relationship between Russian Federation and US may improve. It's not. Relax. I got this, Puty is going to make everything okay.

"Yesterday, Trump was inaugurated". "Putti going to make everything okay. What's more, we can't survive without contacts, irreconcilable situation". "Here is inauguration." A photo showing empty patches of space on the National Mall, taken during the inauguration, is then show.

Bennett as Putin addressed the crowd size fiasco: "Donald, let's talk as friends".

But this time, Russian President Vladimir Putin was the focus of the show's cold open.

Still, when the SNL writers have to come at Trump without just being able to wheel Baldwin out there, they've found some more ambitious takes on this... situation. If Olya (who apparently sleeps, tauntaun-style, inside a hollowed-out dog carcass) can find the will to resist, then there's hope for us, too.

Peskov added that it would be "a big mistake" to think that Russia-US relations will be "free of contradictions and disputes", during a Trump presidency.

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