Roe v. Wade Attorney Says Donald Trump Threatens Reproductive Rights

The Kansans For Life rally paled in comparison to the Women's March in Topeka where more than 4,000 supporters loudly supported access to sexual and reproductive health care including safe, legal abortion.

Following the world-wide march for women's rights yesterday - hundreds of people came out to support the other side of the isle.

Taylor, Larson and Sara Finger, the executive director of the Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health, announced the resolution at a Monday press conference.

The Walk for Life is a tradition for New Haveners Teaghan and Elizabeth Grayson. In the remaining 17 states-which are primarily situated on the coasts of the country-a woman's right to abortion is secure based on current state law. Also, 11 additional states - as well as Washington, D.C. - are at risk of losing their right to abortion if Roe were overturned. "Sometimes months or years after the abortion". "We want [abortion] to be illegal", Teaghan Grayson said. "So think of what we can do in the next four". Like removing the Confederate flag.

The rally Sunday was not in response to Saturday's Minnesota Women's March at the Capitol, which drew as many as 100,000 people.

Christel Ruppert brought her 8-month-old daughter Elliana.

The Allen County Right to Life organizes the yearly event. In fact, the Hyde Amendment has saved at least two-million children from abortions since it was first enacted in 1976, so that includes people who are today parents, maybe even grandparents. About one third of all women have an abortion in their lives and certain types of abortion are complication-free 99 percent of the time.

"I was a one night stand baby, so if i was aborted I wouldn't be here I firmly believe abortion is wrong." said Dustin Mouton, a pro-life marcher.

"There were a lot of Republicans for choice, a number of Republican members of the state legislatures and Congress who were pro-choice", she said.

President Donald Trump has only been in office since January 20, and he's already reinstated a ban on worldwide non-governmental organizations that perform (or even promote) abortions receiving money from the US government.

Walker said that abortion-rights proponents often argue that while they might not personally choose an abortion, they don't have to the right to deny that choice to someone else.

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