President Obama's farewell address in Chicago

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President Obama's farewell address in Chicago

President Barack Obama will return to his adopted hometown of Chicago on Tuesday to deliver a farewell address to the American people.

The video, entitled "Yes We Can" was released on the official White House YouTube channel a day in advance of the massive farewell party at the White House. "He wants to get people motivated to fight for democracy".

The outgoing president will deliver his address from his home city of Chicago at McCormick Place - the same venue where he gave his 2012 election night acceptance speech.

President Obama plans to offer a graceful goodbye to the nation in a prime-time address Tuesday night from Chicago, transferring executive power with the same tone of hope and optimism that powered his rise to the presidency.

In describing the president's writing process, Earnest said the president dictates large portions of the speech to his speechwriters, who then work to refine drafts that the president then further revises.

Obama's final speech to the public will continue a tradition set in 1796 when George Washington addressed the American people for the last time as president.

Obama represented IL in the U.S. Senate before being elected president in 2008.

The speech will be one of the president's last opportunities to make the case for policies, like the Affordable Care Act and Wall Street regulation, that the incoming administration has vowed to repeal.

Lead speechwriter Cody Keenan has said the address will be about President Obama's vision for where the country should still go. As the Telegraph noted, tickets for Obama's farewell speech were gone nearly immediately and fetched a big price on the secondary market.

Prior to the release of tickets, at least one person attempted to hire someone to wait in line for them.

For Michelle and me, Chicago is where it all started.

But as the 44th president pens his own epilogue, he is focused on America's future more than on his own past, aides said.

"There are cynics who have doubted us at every step these past eight years - who said that our desire for change was unrealistic and that our agenda was little more than a pipe dream". So don't expect him to go out with a bombastic and condemnatory piece of oratory - even if he does still think, as he said in August, that Trump lacks the "basic knowledge", "basic decency", "judgment", and "temperament" necessary for the presidency.

As for Obama's speech, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said at the Monday briefing there is still a lot of work that needs to be done on the speech.

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