Intel makes the PC pocket-sized with new mini-computer for smart gadgets

We were told that the design specifications have not been finalized yet, but included RAM, Storage (more than previously used in simlar configurations), WiFi, Bluetooth, and possibly a low power Intel Core "Kaby Lake" based processor.

While these cards could conceivably solve the hardware end of the problem for some smart devices, the software side is still a big question mark.

The days of lugging around a laptop computer are on the way out, because you may soon be able to fit a portable computer into your wallet.

That list suggests that initial uses for the Compute Card may trend closer to traditional industrial and embedded applications, rather than consumer-focused IoT devices. It can be dropped in a pocket or forgotten in your backpack easily. The company considers the Compute Card to be a replacement of sorts for the Compute Stick, which Intel says will probably disappear from its roadmap in 2018 or so. While the company is clearly marketing the Compute Card as an IoT platform, it's not inconceivable that you could place it in a compatible dock and use it like the Compute Stick or other PCs on a stick. No matter the specs of the Compute Card it will always the same 5mm thick device with the exact same port (as yet unnamed, but its similar to a PCI Express bus). This reduces the time and resources needed to design and validate the compute block and helps speed up innovation to bring the power of intelligence into an ever wider range of devices.

The size of the thing could also make it easy for people who split their work between a home computer and work computer. It can then be easily integrated into any smart appliance or gadget that supports the Compute Card port, lowering costs and hassles for manufacturers.

A dock concept built by HP.

Sharp and Foxconn are thrilled at the development of the Compute Card, with Foxconn Executive VP & General Manager Mark Chien telling Gizmodo he expects to see it not just in Sharp products, but in other Foxconn devices such as smart vending machines and Foxconn's own automated factories.

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