Google CEO: Emerging markets like India need smartphones that cost just $30

Google CEO Sundar Pichai's return to IIT Kharagpur Top 20 things he said

Google CEO: Emerging markets like India need smartphones that cost just $30

Recounting his student days in IIT, Pichai told the students that "Abay saale" is how he said he called out to people when he got to IIT, not realising that he was cussing. He talked about his struggles and his favorite mess food.

He also mentioned about his wife Anjali, who he met at IIT itself, and how he had to visit the girls' hostel to see her. Building for everyone and making it available in the hands of as many people is at the heart and core of what we do. "Advances in machine learning will bring a difference in many many fields". But focus on the success of others. "What I am excited about is bringing machine learning and AI to as many people and as fast as possible", he said. "Focusing on the team is one of the most important jobs for a leader".

Setting up a business in India can be a daunting task, and Google has taken up very clever initiatives to ease the issues faced by business owners. It's hard to scale across India and reach that full potential which gives you resources to go compete internationally in 3-4 years. "In the $30 bracket for entry level smart phones".

The second thing that we are focusing on is to introduce cheaper smart phones, as low as $30 Dollars for India and most importantly in the connectivity, Google is presently working on the wifi project. We believe it is important for us to invest in training and equipping these individuals and small businesses to accelerate their journey of growth. He added that Google is working on YouTube Go, a service that would function smoothly on slower internet networks.

"Digital Unlocked is a training programme that will empower small business owners in India with necessary digital skills to help them get online and start leveraging the power of Internet to boost their business", according to a Google press release.

The new app Primer and training modules were launched under the Google's My Business offering, as it looks to further tap the 51-million strong small and medium businesses (SMB) market in India.

It is a "great opportunity" that in India, enterprises such as Google can work in collaboration with the government, Pichai said.

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