Broadcast live to Facebook with Nvidia Geforce Experience upgrade

While Twitch has largely become the go-to place to watch streamed games, Facebook has increasingly tried to creep into that space. Gamers predominately stream to the Amazon-owned Twitch or to YouTube Live, but getting buy-in by a gaming leader like Nvidia could make Facebook a genuine contender. The company is billing it as a way for people to access gaming PC power, that don't actually have access to a gaming PC.

The service was previously only available on other Nvidia devices like the Shield Tablet and Shield Android TV, but will soon be available for any PC or Mac computer as well. German automaker Audi hopes to be one of the first automakers to achieve the feat, and is banking on USA graphics chipmaker Nvidia's artificial intelligence vehicle computing platform, which uses deep learning to negotiate complex real-road conditions.

The new GeForce Now will be compatible with multiplayer online games.

"There are almost 200 million GeForce gamers around the world today, yet hundreds of millions of others have computers that aren't well-suited for modern video games", said Huang.

Nvidia showed the clip during its Keynote event at CES, explaining how the vehicle is outfitted with its DRIVE PX 2 AI self-driving computer. The new graphics cards support Nvidia Ansel - a revolutionary in-game camera that lets you take professional-grade screenshots.

As many gaming fans face the trouble of getting the exact quality on their laptops, Nividia has brought in a new solution by making a smart move. "GeForce NOW saves in the cloud game progress and achievements, and synchronizes them with locally installed games".

Every PC gamer has had that moment when the game you want to play is just a little too intense for the computer you have.

GeForce Now is a gaming streaming service, similar to the PlayStation Now gaming stream service. Starting at $25 per 20 hours of play, this service is definitely a game changer.

GeForce Now gives Mac owners the option to enjoy their favorite game for a month or two by throwing a hundred bucks or so at Steam and a few blocks of subscription time.

The new GeForce Now software and service will be available in March.

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