What You Need to Know About California's Electoral College Electors

Washington state electors will cast their votes at the state Capitol, presumably for Hillary Clinton.

Members of the Electoral College met in their respective state Capitols to vote for the presidential and vice presidential candidates for whom they had pledged to vote earlier this year.

While Hillary Clinton gained 2.8m more votes than Trump, he did manage to win the electoral college vote by a margin of 74 votes.

"I'm gravely concerned that Russian President Vladimir Putin helped Trump win the Republican primary", Texas paramedic Chris Suprun wrote in an op-ed in The Hill newspaper on Monday.

This year's Electoral College vote will come amidst what officials describe as a serious challenge to the legitimacy of the election process, including evidence of foreign intervention and influence. But here in Idaho, the concerns were not about who to vote for but who could vote, creating a last-minute scramble to find replacements for two of the four electors.

Those three Minnesota electors think Trump's election despite losing the popular election points to serious flaws in the elector system.

Trump's MI electors have been barraged since the November 8 election with letters and emails from individuals from across the country urging them to not support Trump. Separate votes are taken for the president and vice presidential seats.

A few moments later, Pennsylvania's electors did walk to a ballot box on the House floor, casting their 20 votes for president-elect Donald Trump.

If a majority of the Electoral College chooses Trump, he will be our next president. "If you don't vote for him, your state will fine you $1,000".

Maryland's electors will gather Monday afternoon in Annapolis.

Congress meets January 6 to certify the Electoral College results, and the inauguration takes place January 20.

The voting occurred in the Kansas Senate chamber, with each of the electors marking a separate ballot for Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence. It's all related to the U.S. Electoral College.

California gets 55 electoral votes, one for each of its USA senators and its 53 members of Congress. California has 55 electors, and they each get to cast two votes: one for president, one for vice president.

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