Upcoming Street Fighter V Update Will Shame and Humiliate Rage-Quitters

EnlargeFlickr  Amy McTigue

EnlargeFlickr Amy McTigue

Early versions of Street Fighter V did not punish this behavior, frustrating veteran players.

Even nearly a year after launch, Street Fighter V still has problems dealing with rage quitters, or those players who leave a match before its completion, either out of pure frustration or to avoid the penalties of losing. While most of these problems have been resolved through countless updates, one the most annoying issues still persists and fans have made their voices heard. "Street Fighter V" is ideally played offline to ensure that there is no lag or input delays, but its online aspect also makes it a good training ground for players who want to become better.

In spite of that, no one knows if this new penalty system of SFV will be able to distinguish actual rage-quitters from players that are suffering from poor Internet connection.

This is a great step forward for Street Fighter V, even if it's pretty ridiculous that the user base had to wait until nearly a year after launch until it was introduced. The new method, which involves marking profiles of quitters, is now being tested by Capcom, but the company forgot to password the test branch of the Steam version. The photos clearly show that once players quit from a match, they will receive a death's head icon on their profile.

You can check out more screenshots of the new menus on NeoGAF. This led to some players who went up the ranking ladders due to their accumulated League Points (LP).

This new update is expected to release soon, and the game's second season begins on December 20 when Akuma is released. According to Gamenguide the update will include Akuma and the reported balance changes.

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