Resolution passes calling for Paladino to resign

Resolution passes calling for Paladino to resign

Resolution passes calling for Paladino to resign

The school board voted 6-2 for the resolution, which gave Paladino 24 hours to resign his seat before leaving it to the Department of Education to make a decision, said NBC News.

The Buffalo school board has given the NY co-chair of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, Carl Paladino, 24 hours to resign until they move to boot him from his seat.

Paladino has since apologized for his remarks, but has insisted repeatedly that he will not resign from the School Board.

School board member Carl Paladino, who worked as the co-chairman of Trump's NY campaign, drew national condemnation when he compared Mrs. Obama to an ape.

According to the Buffalo News, the resolution was submitted by newcomer board member Hope Jay.

"I suggest we take this opportunity to show the entire country that we are a city of good neighbors and we are about forgiveness", Pierce said.

"If possible. I will go along with whatever the commissioner does and I will stand with my other Regents".

The comments he made were so controversial, that the Buffalo News contacted him to ask if he really made the comments.

Buffalo News reporter Tiffany Lankes posted Paladino's response on Twitter.

BUFFALO Carl Paladino is being asked by his fellow members of the Buffalo school board to resign in the wake of saying he hopes President Barack Obama dies in 2017 and that first lady Michelle Obama will "return to being a male" and be sent to Africa to live with a gorilla.

"My focus is on getting the word out there, improving Buffalo's image and helping with Buffalo Public schools - that's really what is key here", Miller remarked.

He now says the comments weren't meant for publication but were nevertheless "inappropriate". "The impact on children of color, especially African-American children is incalculable.They would like me to tell you, 'You're fired'".

The outcry from citizens all over the United States had been heard and eventually led to the school's board chambers in standing by the criticisms and dismissing Paladino from his position. It is expected to get heated today as hundreds of people plan to attend a rally in Niagra Square prior to a board meeting during which these comments will be discussed. Without a doubt any student or staff member would be suspended (or worse) for posting anything close to what Paladino said publicly.

Paladino was seen visiting Trump Tower earlier this month before he made the comments. "We will continue to review all of our options". If not, it will also call on Commissioner Elia to remove him.

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