No Man's Sky cleared of all charges in ASA investigation

No Man's Sky cleared of all charges in ASA investigation

No Man's Sky cleared of all charges in ASA investigation

People have complained that what Hello Games has shown in the No Man's Sky's Steam advertisement was different from what is in the game. Interactions with the three alien factions, warping, and graphics the ASA also believed that nothing in the game's description or gameplay "differed materially from the relevant gameplay features". "We therefore considered whether the game and footage provided by Hello Games contained gameplay material of a sufficiently similar type to that depicted in the ad".

In the wake of "No Man's Sky's" issue-plagued rollout, developers slowly stopped talking, breaking that silence only to speak about patches and a hacking issue.

The Hello Games team will be breathing a sigh of relief today, after the UK's Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the No Man's Sky Steam page hasn't misled consumers as to the actual content in the game. Apparently, Hello Games defended its creation quite fervently, obviously making a case that it wasn't trying to lie to potential players. This basically means that the ASA sees Hello Games as being off the hook for any complaints against certain events not happening in-game since it's supposedly all random anyway.

"This meant that the game content was generated by way of a computer process as that content was encountered by the player". It was unique, therefore, in that the user experience was not scripted and each user would have their own individual experience.

The algorithm-powered generation of content meant that "each user's experience would be very different" and "it would be hard to recreate the exact scenes from the ad". You can read them in full here.

Although unconfirmed, it would be safe to bet that the observed buggy will make an appearance within the game along with other speculated land-based vehicles.

It acknowledged that the user interface design and aiming system had "undergone cosmetic changes" since the footage for the trailers was recorded. According to the disgruntled gamers, the page misrepresented several features, including buildings and structures, water, large-scale space battles, quality of graphics, loading screens, and much, more more. Valve and Hello Games did not technically mislead fans in the advertising of the game. Investigators also noted differences in animal behavior - one clip showed some large creatures moving large trees - but decided this was a "fleeting and incidental scene" and ultimately "not misleading".

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