Met Office weather warnings

UK weather Storm Conor batters Britain on Boxing Day

Storm Conor has battered Britain on Boxing Day bringing snowfall heavy rain and strong winds to parts of the country

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) said that by Saturday morning engineers had restored power to more than 21,000 homes.

The Met Office has amended its weather warning for the storm to take in Friday (23 December) through until the end of Christmas Day.

With wind warnings in effect until 6pm this evening and further wind and rain already forecast for Christmas day and beyond, it looks like the miserable weather is going to hang around for the foreseeable future thanks to the latest storm on the block.

Councils were said to be "fully prepared" for the onset of harsh conditions over Christmas.

This is some of the damage done by Storm Angus after it battered Britain last month and caused destruction Rivers burst their banks and flooded nearby fields when Storm Angus hit - there are fears Storm Barbara could be just as destructive What is Storm Barbara?

There may be some delays in terms of flight and ferry services.

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Met Office weather warnings

In addition to all this, "all journeys are likely to be affected by Storm Barbara, which will bring heavy rain and gales of up to 90mph to parts of the United Kingdom from Friday", the Times adds. We still have very gusty, squally conditions across much of Scotland and the north of England and Northern Ireland with further showers, some heavy at times and turning wintry over higher ground.

"That will herald the arrival of Storm Conor through Christmas Day but the main impact will not be realised until Boxing Day".

"St Stephen's Day will be a cooler, dry day with good sunny spells and just a few scattered showers in the north and northwest, otherwise it will be a mostly dry day".

"Temperatures will be up in double figures on Christmas Eve and this mild weather will hang on for much of Christmas Day", Ms Lowe continued.

"This brings the potential for some structural damage, disruption to power supplies and travel, with restrictions on bridges and disruption to ferries likely".

It said that 600 frontline and support staff are on hand across the Christmas period, around five times the normal number who would be available.

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