Coach Fisher prolonged his career in the NFL

Coach Fisher prolonged his career in the NFL

Coach Fisher prolonged his career in the NFL

Some people believe he has bizarre technique, and we believe that it is better to think twice before making NFL betting picks (Try MyBookie) against Los Angeles Rams, and this guy in particular.

Maybe they have lost last 3 games but came back with the win over Jets. And now Rams prolonged Fisher coaching for the next 2 years.

According to Wiki, during this year his team lost 7 games and won 4. The season is not over yet.

This week was very successful for Jeff, and we want to believe for Rams as well, as they have extended the contract of their beloved coach until 2018 football season.

Many experts in football think that he has a very strange career as a coach.

During last game with Patriots, they lost, adding one more loss to his 163 previous. One more and he will reach the record of Dan Reeves. 

He has never won even one championship. And still, Fisher has one of the longest football careers as a coach in the NFL.

Rams’ coach was signed on the list of twenty NFL mentors who has the huge number of defeats. And Fisher has only two co-workers who had never won any Championship, or Super Bowl. His colleague, Dan Reeves brought four times his teams to the Super Bowl. Chuck Knox, the second mentioned co-worker during 22 years sent his teams 11 times to playoffs.

Jeff was 6 times in playoff during 22 years and took only one team to the Super Bowl.

He is unique not only by his mediocre percentage of victories. He has one of the longest careers in this sport.

Fisher took part in 338 games as the coach. And only seven his colleagues from the 20 were able to do this. And these seven were with their teams in 24 NFL championships. Still, just one from these 20 coaches has even worse percentage of winning. It is Weeb Ewbank, legendary NY Jets, and Baltimore Colts coach, with .502. Fisher has .513.

And if the news about contract extension of Jeff Fisher should inspire Rams, this Sunday showed that the team did not know about this effect.

Until this Sunday information was kept in secret, and it was not very polite to show on the big screen during timeouts comparison of Belichick and Fisher, who both passed 22 seasons.


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