Russian-Declared Ceasefire Goes into Effect in Aleppo

Russian-Declared Ceasefire Goes into Effect in Aleppo

Russian-Declared Ceasefire Goes into Effect in Aleppo

In October, a three-day truce, unilaterally announced by Russian Federation and the Syrian government, failed to achieve its intended goal of giving the civilians a pause to leave rebel-held areas, or push the rebels to leave Aleppo.

For most of the 10-hour halt in fighting, which was unilaterally announced by Russia, no one had approached the corridors, and webcam video from the Russian Defense Ministry showed no activity.

Rebel advisor Osama Abu Zeid told Saudi-owned al-Arabiya TV, however, that he thought no one was entering government-held territory because "they have no confidence in those controlling the checkpoints".

The halt in fighting is meant to allow civilians and surrendering rebels in the opposition-controlled eastern part of the city to leave through secure passages.

The Syrian army launched operations to reunite the government-held western part and the eastern section of Aleppo on September 22. Al-Youssef also said the planes continued to target rebel supply lines in western Aleppo province. "Their life is not under threat", the ministry said. A lobby of missiles on that part of the city killed 12 civilians on Thursday, state media said.

One showed barrels painted with the Syrian flag next to a large photograph of President Bashar al-Assad propped up by sandbags.

October's ceasefire saw few leave as Russian Federation accused rebels of preventing people from getting out.

United Nations spokesperson, Jens Laerke, stated on Friday that the United Nations could not use the pause to send aid into east Aleppo because it does not have the necessary security guarantees, Reuters said.

But expectations were low that civilians or rebel fighters would take the opportunity to leave.

He says that the official amnesty offer has been extended for three more months and that the government was maintaining its cease-fire (Friday) from 9AM to 7PM, despite the fact that rebel fighters were attacking Aleppo in the southwest of the city.

Russian Federation recently dispatched its aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, which is now in the Mediterranean and heading for the Syrian coast.

We review the key developments in Syria, including the final Russia-brokered truce starting today in Aleppo, rebels in Aleppo fighting each other and a Russian helicopter targeted near Palmyra.

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