Paul Ryan Unconcerned About Maintaining His Role As Speaker

Bernie Sanders left and Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders left and Donald Trump

Ryan said he had spoken to Trump twice in the past 18 hours ― twice to Vice President-elect Mike Pence, too ― and reported that he had "great conversations about how we work together".

She is one of the most investigated people in American history and you guys haven't been able to take her down, so I'd say she's within the law and playing by the rules. "We will turn this country around", Rubio said, "As we return to work in Washington, D.C., can set a better example of how political discourse can exist in this country".

Speaker Paul Ryan said Friday he'll seek re-election to the top job in the House if Republicans hold onto their majority, an outcome that's widely expected in next week's elections.

The move came despite his criticism of Trump's statements and his hesitation to announce endorsement not until the Republican convention.

Asked about members of Trump's campaign reportedly working behind closed doors to push him out as speaker, Ryan said, "I don't worry about things like that".

In the presidential election on Tuesday, Trump won Ryan's home state of Wisconsin with 48 percent of votes against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's 47 percent. We want to bring accountability to the federal government. I'm not saying that undermines Trump's legitimacy - we have an electoral-college system, for good or ill - but it does undermine Paul Ryan's claims that voters handed Trump a mandate. Ryan said. "I am going to stay". We believe in the principles that built this country.

Ryan's position as speaker could be challenged by Republican conservatives who backed Trump while Ryan withheld support. But now, as we do every four years, we have to work to heal the divisions of a long campaign.

Both chambers of the U.S. Congress are projected to remain under Republican control when they convene on January 3, with voters on Tuesday dashing Democrats' hopes of taking over the Senate while keeping the House of Representatives in Republican hands.

"There is no doubt our democracy can be very messy and we do remain a sharply divided country".

Ryan declined to specify what Republicans hope to accomplish in the lame-duck session or how they plan to use the budget reconciliation process to advance their agenda, citing the need to coordinate with Trump's team.

"Donald Trump provided a lot of coattails", Ryan also said. There is relief coming.

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