Panda cub gets meds in sweet potato after tummy surgery

Panda cub gets meds in sweet potato after tummy surgery

Panda cub gets meds in sweet potato after tummy surgery

According to a report from the BBC, the 1-year-old male panda cub is now in stable condition with a "very good" prognosis following the surgery.

He has become a new darling at the national zoo.

On Thursday, Nov. 24, giant panda cub Bei Bei showed signs of stomach discomfort and nausea.

"This morning, an ultrasound of his stomach and bowels revealed a blockage of chewed-up bamboo at the top of the small intestine", the zoo announced on A team of vet experts successfully removed that mass of bamboo through surgery. Brisk deduction and master mind by zoo staff and volunteer veterinarians likely spared the life of the youthful fledgling, who turned one in August. He will be given water overnight and will then start on soft foods such as sweet potatoes, pears and ground up leaf-eater biscuits. Once bamboo is again made part of his diet, the zoo will feed Bei Bei finely cut leaves before resuming a normal diet. Those hoping to visit Bei Bei and check up on him will have to wait, the press release added. Other pandas, however, will remain visible to the public in their respective outdoor yards. Bei Bei, who is still nursing from his mother Mei Xiang, had been eating solid foods for some time, Baker-Masson said, noting that while intestinal blockages are a rare occurrence they can affect exotic animals and house pets alike.

The zoo posted on its Facebook on Sunday that as of this morning, Bei Bei has taken his medications, urinated well and both Mei Xiang and Bei Bei are happily sleeping in their indoor enclosures.

The statement from the Smithsonian follows.

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