On last foreign tour, Obama must find a way to explain Trump

Joe Biden

On last foreign tour, Obama must find a way to explain Trump

The Obama era in the White House is coming to close, and many have expressed their sadness over the past few weeks, with some online even calling for a Michelle Obama presidential run in 2020.

It's no big secret many of us don't want to see Michelle Obama leave the White House.

As a result, Obama is planning simply to note Trump's public commitment to work with him on a peaceful transfer of power, and to point to the historical precedent of USA presidents honoring longstanding alliances.

Michelle Obama brings a breath of fresh air to all mourning American Democrats this week by landing on the cover of Vogue magazine.

"They don't have to like each other personally and given what has gone on, I would be surprised if Michelle Obama was chatty with Melania", Brower said.

A photo of their meeting in the Yellow Oval Room was made public by the White House only after the media put public pressure on the administration to release it. "When all of that is equal...is it cute?!" she added.

As Obama was shooing the reporters out, Trump said the following, "Very good man - very good man".

Overworked and feeling "nickel-and-dimed", the military wants the president and Congress to provide the 2.1 percent raises that it is supposed to receive under law, said Joyce Wessel-Raezer, executive director of the association.

"We certainly expect that the election will be the primary topic on people's minds everywhere we go", said Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser. He said Obama would argue that basic US principles like honoring treaty commitments have historically survived even the most dramatic changes of administrations.

Obama stressed the need to give Trump the "rope and space" for a "reset".

Not sure if any of us can ever be as snatched as FLOTUS is in this Vogue cover story but I sure wouldn't mind trying.

For his sixth visit to Germany since coming to power in 2009, the Democratic president will again meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel, long one of his closest foreign partners, according to Ben Rhodes, the United States national security adviser.

In Peru, he'll attend a major Asian economic summit in Lima, and also meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Australian Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull.

In Europe, where Obama has sought unity with allies to counter Russia's growing influence, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members are alarmed by Trump's suggestions that the USA might pull out of the alliance if other countries don't pay more. She is also seen sitting on a stone staircase and standing by a column. Because apparently, that's too girly of a task for Bill to take on, despite the fact that he left it to his lawyer wife for eight years as he had affairs in the Oval Office. Obama will publicly confront the likelihood that the USA will back out of the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal he spent years pushing.

Trump told the paper, after speaking with Obama at the White House the day before, he was considering keeping the clause that allows children to stay on their parents' insurance policies.

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