GOP hopes to overcome early vote deficit for Nevada victory

GOP hopes to overcome early vote deficit for Nevada victory

GOP hopes to overcome early vote deficit for Nevada victory

Sturman also blasted the Trump attorney's request to make a list of poll workers available to be interviewed by the campaign's attorneys to talk about when they cut off voting on Friday evening. Trump called it evidence of a "rigged system".

Many believe that the reference is aimed at Clark County's Latino population, which, according to the Census, is 30.6 percent Hispanic or Latino, according to the July 2015 report.

When CNN's Jake Tapper pushed back, saying that polls are often kept open to allow those in line at closing time to vote, Conway said, "We just always want the law followed and rules followed". But people can cast their ballot after 8 p.m. if they're in line by then. He said the Trump campaign is "smart to put a marker down for a future challenge, considering what happened in 2000 in Florida". The suit, filed Monday, cited that the polling station stayed open two hours longer than it should have and because of that, Trump and co. wanted the machines and ballots involved to be set aside and no counted in the election. The campaign was concerned that polls were kept open later than usual last week so that people waiting on line in some areas of Clark County-a Latinx-heavy area that is home to Las Vegas-could vote.

Dan Kulin, a spokesperson for the county, told CNN that no early voting stations extended their closing times.

Nevada state campaign director Charles Munoz said in a statement the suit describes multiple incidents where election law was broken, including one where a county employee allowed people to vote even though the lines had been cleared and closure announcements had been made.

Nevada's Republican Party chairman, Michael McDonald, told a Trump audience in Reno on Saturday that polling locations were kept open late so that a "certain group" could vote. The polls are supposed to close at seven. "Frankly, Trump has run one of the worst campaigns in modern political history in the state".

A Clark County judge denied the requested order against the county's top election official. Yeah, you feel free right now? Polls have shown Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton with a significant advantage in the voting bloc.

"So you still think you're somehow entitled to an order in your favor?"

Secretary of State Spokeswoman Gail Anderson said the office hadn't gotten reports of major problems around the state as of midmorning Tuesday.

Donald Trump speaks in New Mexico.

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