'Gilmore Girls' Fans Are Freaking Out Over The Show's Last Four Words

Jess, portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia, is still the one consistently coming back to Rory's life even after they broke up early in the original "Gilmore Girls" series.

It was brief but it happened! However, she was not present for the final season of Gilmore Girls, thus, fans will get their closure with the final four words this time.

It could also be Paul's, Rory's aforementioned boring boyfriend who just broke up with her in the final scene, though we doubt it. Season 7 ended with Rory and Logan, portrayed by Matt Czuchry, still broken up. Considering they did end on a cliff hanger. You've got to see Sally Struthers (Babette). "It needs to fit, believe me", Lorelai comforts her. The two aren't just mother and daughter, they are practically the same person, right down to their love lives.

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By the end of "Fall", Rory has written the first three chapters of her book, to be titled Gilmore Girls and is on her new path. Lorelai finally marries Luke, and as mother and daughter sit is the gazebo post wedding, Rory reveals she is pregnant. The show is effectively critic-proof-there is nothing I can say that will keep the show's fans from streaming it over the long holiday weekend. "I honestly don't know what to say about it without using specifics".

Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel and the other stars may not have been so nervous - they're used to the adulation and the fan frenzy. If the series is trying to drive home how Rory will always follow in Lorelai's path, we can deduce that Logan is the father, but it's Jess who will ultimately become her partner in life. I felt that way very seldom in my life, where I am like, "It is as if somebody wrote this for me, but how is that possible she does not even know me?"

"I had a very general sense of where Lorelai was that made complete sense to me and then, what I didn't know exactly is how it would end", Lauren told THR.

Some people can speculate that maybe the father of Rory's baby is her forgettable boyfriend Paul or that perhaps she and Jess hooked up when he came back to town, but the obvious answer is Logan. She said: "They weren't in the script, they were not on paper".

"Gilmore Girls really is about families and community, and I think that has a lot of importance and resonance today". He's the idealist, the small-town boy who simply wants to help Rory be the best version of herself she can be, hoping that she'll be willing to take him along for the ride.

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