Fort Trump: New security measures ring Trump Tower

Michael Moore

Michael Moore Graham Winfrey

A spokesperson for the FAA was not immediately able to answer if or how the local New York City airports would be affected by the change.

Donald Trump's transition from a flashy businessman and reality TV star to the President of the United States is keeping the security services busy.

A similar flight restriction was issued for the Indianapolis residence of the incoming vice president and current governor of Indiana, Mike Pence.

US President-elect Donald Trump met with close aides on Friday to examine potential candidates for posts in his future administration. "It's incredible that all my friends and colleagues and my business associates are calling me daily, how am I surviving", said Trump Tower resident Norman Horowitz.

A no-fly zone was imposed over the NY landmark, where Trump also works, soon after he beat Hillary Clinton. The final look of the restrictions will depend largely on how Trump divides his time between Washington and NY and on the results of a vulnerability assessment of Trump Tower.

Violation of the flight restrictions places a pilot's certificate at risk and increases the likelihood of being intercepted by military or law enforcement aircraft, according to the FAA. Planes arriving from west of the Hudson River may have to adjust their flight plans.

In other words, this restriction could lead to more flight delays at LaGuardia.

A large group of demonstrators once again gathered outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue Thursday night. A look inside Trump's Election.

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