Countries Reaffirm Commitment to Paris Climate Deal, Isolating Trump Even More

A man walks past the logo of the COP22 international climate conference on Nov. 9 in Marrakech Morocco

A man walks past the logo of the COP22 international climate conference on Nov. 9 in Marrakech Morocco. Fadel Senna AFP Getty Images

Does this mean Trump has changed his mind about the climate, as he appears to have done about prosecuting Hillary Clinton?

"I really do think there will be some kind of reversal of Obama-era policies, but there are legal, political, and practical constraints on how far the Trump administration can go", Jody Freeman, the director of Harvard University's environmental law and policy program, told the Daily Signal in an interview.

During his campaign, Trump openly denied man-made climate change and called it a "Chinese hoax," while threatening to cancel the landmark Paris climate accord - one of the most significant worldwide agreements that seek to combat climate change.

The Paris accord went into effect on November 4, after being ratifying following the agreement being adopted at the United Nations climate conference in December 2015.

While this is a stunning reversal on his previous positions regarding man-made global warming, it remains to be seen whether Trump will change his policies that now advocate for more oil, coal and natural gas at a time when many climate experts are warning that we have no carbon budget left and that we must keep remaining hydrocarbon reserves in the ground to sustain a livable climate. "It's one issue that's interesting because there are few things where there's more division than climate change".

Fiji's prime minister even invited Trump to visit his island country to see for himself the effects of climate change if he still entertains doubts.

In Trump's discussion with the Times, Trump said he is also keeping his mind open about whether global warming is mainly due to human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels, or other causes.

In a fact-sheet released by the Obama administration earlier this month, the White House said the briefings would include "organizational charts, budget materials, briefings on key agency priorities and areas of responsibility, and other materials describing the essential functions of that agency".

"It would be, I think, extremely hard to retreat - there's no turning back", he added. Scientists have agreed that if nothing is changed that this would lead calamity in the next few years. Trump's presumptive EPA pick, Myron Ebell, has made his name as a climate change naysayer, so any optimism as to Trump's policies should probably be kept in check.

The US climate change fight "has never been primarily dependent on Washington", Bloomberg said. "Ice caps size reaches all time high", Trump tweeted during a 2014 blizzard.

Ms Clinton poked fun at Mr Trump's position when she spoke on the campaign trail.

Despite his public stance as a politician, there is evidence that Trump the billionaire businessman was already hedging his bets.

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