Brightest moon in almost 69 years lights up sky around globe

That's from the center of the Earth to the center of the moon.

In case you missed the "Supermoon" in the early morning hours Monday, it'll still appear a little more super than normal as it makes its closest full appearance in almost 70 years.

Petro, deputy project scientist for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter circling the moon, said Thursday that even he won't be able to see much difference in size and luminosity.

The space agency said the moon would be the biggest and brightest at 6:21 a.m. ET when the moon came within 356,508 kilometres from the centre of the Earth to the centre of the moon. Though it revolves around the earth, the distance between the two bodies keeps changing because the orbit of the satellite is elliptical.

According to the astronomy website, the term supermoon entered usage five years ago when the closest full moon fell on March 19, 2011.

The thing is, there is more than one prevalent definition for a supermoon. The average distance, by comparison, is 384,400 km (about 238,855 miles).

The supermoon is seen behind a building under construction in Hong Kong, November 14, 2016.

Others prefer a more exclusive definition - the time when the Moon is closest to Earth in its full moon cycle, a period of roughly 14 months.

While such moons occur about every 13 months, November's is a special one. The moon can be up to 14 percent closer to earth during its perigee than when at its apogee (furthest point from the earth) causing 30 percent more moonlight to shine onto the Earth, according to NASA.

The catch there is "at apogee". A supermoon as spectacular as Monday's hasn't been seen since 1948 and won't be seen again until 2034 - so you definitely don't want to miss the opportunity to check it out Monday night if you can. A great way to look for places with moon illusions is on east-facing beaches and horizons.

Weather permitting, it's a sky show the entire planet can enjoy. That equates to 4:52pm IST here in India, but it won't be visible then as moonrise isn't until sometime later around the country.

Here's where your best bets are for viewing tonight's supermoon.

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