Volkswagen unveils ID electric vehicle

The big reveal of Mercedes' electric concept vehicle will occur Thursday at the Paris Motor Show - and we're getting excited.

Volkswagen has also disclosed that initially in 2020, the going to be a standard EV, but in next five years, there will a version with an I.D. Pilot autonomous-driving mode. Daimler's chief development officer Thomas Weber said in May that Mercedes-Benz is aiming to add four new electric cars to its model range by 2020.

The German automaker signalled its intentions in Paris with its concept Generation EQ vehicle, an all-electric SUV that will serve as the launchpad for the brand when it arrives in a couple of years.

A new architecture is under development on top of which all future electric vehicles from EQ, Mercedes brand will be built on.

Beyond the vehicle itself, EQ attempts to be an electric mobility ecosystem with products, services, technologies, and innovations including charging services and home energy storage units. Smart will have electric versions of its current range while Mercedes-Benz will also present a concept previewing the first model from its next-generation electric fleet. Total battery capacity is 70kWh, and the range is said to be a Tesla-beating 310 miles.

Generation EQ will be powered by an electric drive system with two electric motors, and all-wheel drive to deliver high-level performance. This first EQ model is a mid-size SUV that resembles what you might end up with if you combine a GLC300 with something out of Tron, but the new concept design still manages to maintain an air of elegance despite all the flash.

The rest of Mercedes' electric line-up - dubbed Mercedes-EQ - could include SUVs, sedans and convertibles, and will share engineering.

Apart from making some of the best cars, Tesla was early to adopt the technology which other automobile manufacturers are catching up.

There are several adjustments to the design, however, with barely visible body panel seams, hidden windshield wipers and cameras instead of exterior mirrors. Climate controls and infotainment are also activated with the touch of a finger on the steering wheel.

CEO Dieter Zetsche, dressed in faded jeans and sneakers more reminiscent of Silicon Valley executives than the more formal auto industry, said the company aimed to bring out 10 fully electric vehicles by 2025.

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