Virginia announces 1 death due to hurricane

"I went to St Paul and saw first-hand what people are going through, and the suffering that our citizens are going through".

"If we say the water's coming ... we mean it", he added.

About two years ago, Reed said, frozen water pipes broke during a cold winter, flooding the house and causing $90,000 in damage.

Breana Lawson thought she was safe with her five children on a highway near Lumberton. Lawson was on her way to Florida from Philadelphia with her husband's belongings - many of them of sentimental value.

Homes, restaurants and business have been lost, she said. Some of those people are on their roofs, waiting for help. She had a few items salvaged from her husband's truck: a picture of him standing near a fire truck, another of him in the military and his high school diploma.

"North Carolina is resilient, our people are strong and we are going to get through this together", McCrory said. "I'm just lucky to be here".

"I'm very anxious. Very stressed".

"I left at home all my clothes, everything".

Bermuda's National Security Minister Jeff Baron tells reporters that Nicole poses a serious threat, with possible hurricane-force winds hitting the island late Wednesday.

The full extent of the disaster in North Carolina is still unclear, but it appears that thousands of homes were damaged, and more are in danger of flooding.

In addition to the 11 deaths in North Carolina, there were five in Florida and three each in Georgia and SC.

While the coastal areas attempt to recover, attention is now turning to inland areas of eastern North Carolina, where river levels continue to rise.

River flooding was happening in other places, too.

"I can not stress (enough) to people, especially on the Tar River".

"Yesterday I saw first-hand the very unsafe conditions that still exist for many people", said Governor McCrory.

Up to now more than 2,000 people have been rescued in submerged areas and the number is expected to increase throughout the day. The declaration allows federal aid to supplement state and local recovery efforts. Both cities had been under at least partial evacuation orders. She estimated floodwaters were rising 3-to-5 inches per hour.

Interstate 95 - a major artery for the East Coast - was closed in Lumberton and engineers could not predict when it would reopen. He urged people not to drive through high water.

Emergency officials have conducted more than 2,000 rescues in the state, where 32 school systems are closed, major highways remain blocked and almost 4,000 people have taken refuge in shelters.

"We don't have any games, but we have beer and we have soda", Hamill said, "and as long as I can keep it cold, we'll be OK".

Also in Lumberton, authorities said a man was fatally shot by state trooper in confrontation amid flood waters in hard-hit Lumberton.

The sergeant and two Robeson County sheriff's deputies were conducting search-and-rescue operations Monday when they encountered a man in a flooded section of town, state patrol said in a statement.

The man "became hostile towards the officers and displayed a handgun".

The trooper, identified as J.F. Hinson, was placed on administrative duties.

A third person, Christy Wood, 45, was still missing as of Monday, but police said that might be the result of circumstances not caused by Hurricane Matthew.

The 19 storm-related fatalities in North Carolina brings the official US death toll to at least 29 - with more people waiting to be rescued.

Matthew's death toll in the USA climbed to 30, half of them in North Carolina, in addition to the more than 500 feared dead in Haiti. One death was reported in Virginia.

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