'Martin' star Tommy Ford on life support

Tommy Ford Dead

Actor Tommy Ford

In the weeks previous, Thomas Ford hadposted on Instagram about having knee replacement surgery. On Wednesday (Oct 12) it was reported that the comedian passed, but close friends like actress Terri Vaughn refuted the claims. "May GOD rest his soul and comfort his family", Anderson tweeted. The comedian apologized about the misinformation shortly after.

Tommy Ford, 52, the beloved actor who starred in the hit 90's sitcom Martin, was hospitalized after an aneurysm ruptured in his abdomen on October 9. It is unclear if complications linked to the surgery led to his hospitalisation.

Ford - known as Martin Lawrence's best friend with an unknown job on the 1990s sitcom - shared that he underwent knee replacement surgery on September 28. on Instagram.

The actor has also starred on other popular programs including "The Jamie Foxx Show" and "New York Undercover" and has written a series of children's books endorsing the importance of avoiding drugs and violence.

His wife, Gina Ford, told TMZ that her husband is on life support and has watched his health sharply decline day after day since Sunday.

Anthony Anderson and Cedric The Entertainer were among the celebrities who took to social media with uplifting words for their beloved friend in prayer.

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