GOP's Pence forging ahead in awkward relationship with Trump

Virginia Republican Barbara Comstock called on Trump to step down and

Virginia Republican Barbara Comstock called on Trump to step down and"allow our party to replace him

The candidate has told gatherings around the country that he identifies himself as a Christian before he does as a conservative or Republican.

A handful of top Republicans have shifted ground in their support for USA presidential candidate Donald Trump after his remarks about women became public last week. Both were still listed on the campaign's website.

Asked about the newly released audio of a 2005 conversation in which Trump brags about being to grope women and get away with it, Kaine said: "It is not just words; it is talking about a pattern of sexual assault".

"When you're a star", Mr. Trump said, women will let you "do anything". He urged Trump to "show what is in his heart when he goes before the nation" during Sunday's debate.

GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence said on Monday that rumors he recently considered leaving the Republican ticket were "absolutely false".

An influential IN conservative, Jim Bopp, who helped draft this year's Republican Party platform, said Pence "should stay the course".

But top Trump adviser and former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani was defiant in his appearances on Sunday talk shows, saying Mr Trump would not rule out going on the offensive against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Sunday night's presidential debate (9am Singapore time today) by bringing up her husband Bill Clinton's past infidelities.

Pence, who is married and has two daughters, also canceled what was to be a joint appearance with Trump Saturday in Wisconsin with House Speaker Paul Ryan and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Does the Trump-Pence ticket have any realistic chance?

New Hampshire Sen Kelly Ayotte, who was a top Trump supporter, said she would write-in Mr Pence as her choice for president on Election Day. Last night, Trump said he doesn't agree with his potential VP on how to aid the Aleppo crisis. "But the other part of my faith is, I believe in grace", Pence said.

He later told CNN that he never considered dropping off Trump's ticket.

Mr McCain said such comments "make it impossible to continue to offer even conditional support for his (Trump) candidacy". Is Pence better off sticking with Trump?

"He and I haven't spoken, and he and I disagree", Trump said.

It is the second of three scheduled presidential debates as the long-running U.S. election contest enters its final weeks.

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