Former Pennsylvania Democratic AG Sentenced to 10-23 Months in Jail

Former state Attorney General Kathleen Kane leaves court in handcuffs after her sentencing at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown Monday. Kane was sentenced to 10-to-23 months in county prison and eight years probation

Former Pennsylvania Democratic AG Sentenced to 10-23 Months in Jail

"We just know that we can't lose our mom", her 15-year-old son Chris said at Monday's hearing.

Shapiro, a Montgomery County commissioner running as the Democratic candidate for the post, said the sentencing demonstrates "no one is above the law".

She resigned the next day.

Kane was also sentenced Monday to eight years of probation.

"People see public officials as being a bunch of bums, they're all crooks and why should I vote?", McCalla said. Bail was set at $75,000 cash, which she could not immediately produce.

Kane testified her two sons have been struggling since her conviction in her perjury and obstruction trial. Kane posted bail and was released after about two hours in custody, according to The Morning Call in Allentown.

In the final year of her first term, the 50-year-old was convicted August 15 of two felony charges of perjury and seven misdemeanor charges. Her case was linked to a complicated legal process in which she chose to leak grand jury secret information to embarrass a rival prosecutor.

Clarke Madden, a former deputy attorney general who left the office in 2015, described working for Kane as "dancing on a trap door", that included the ouster of employees who disagreed with Kane. Several, including Kane's son Christopher, 15, testified as character witnesses on her behalf.

She surreptitiously passed the secret grand jury material to the Philadelphia Daily News to underpin a story she believed would reflect badly on Mr. Fina by suggesting that he, too, had failed to aggressively pursue a criminal investigation. "We managed to do that through the hard work of many people and what's clear from this is that nobody is above the law", Steele said afterward.

Calling her actions deliberate, calculated and vengeful, a judge has sentenced former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane to prison. I felt so sick to my stomach.

"The whole affair that led to that I think was led by sexism and partisanship, as well as hypocrisy in the system", Washington said.

Kane, in a statement she read prior to her sentencing, apologized to the staff of the attorney general's office and the citizens of the state "for the situation".

News 8's Barbara Barr has been covering the Kane case and she'll be in court for the sentencing.

'Through a pattern of systemic firings and Nixonian espionage, she created a terror zone in this office, ' said Erik Olsen, a career prosecutor who is now the chief deputy attorney general.

However, prosecutors call her crimes "egregious" and will push for jail time. Still, McCalla thinks her sentencing was light.

"When perjury is is the ultimate assault on the judiciary", the judge said, her voice rising.

Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane arrives at Montgomery County courthouse for her scheduled sentencing hearing Monday in Norristown, Pa.

Michelle Henry, an assistant DA from Bucks County who assisted with the Kane prosecution was unequivocal about the impact of what Kane did: "It eroded the public's belief in prosecutors, in law enforcement and, as the judge noted, we took a hit from that". He said told Kane her ego had driven her to take down enemies and break the law. That excitement eroded quickly, however.

"She said, 'This was war, ' and truth became a casualty", he said, quoting from a Kane email about her rivals. "This is war", she wrote in an email to a political consultant, later shown to jurors at her trial. She then tried to frame someone else for the leak.

The atmosphere, he said, "was one of abject demoralization which set out like a poison cloud over the office".

Kane's law license was suspended previous year by the Supreme Court after she was charged.

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