Early voting data shows strengths for Trump and Clinton

1. NO MORE CURSE7 hours ago Cubs Advance to World Series Jon Durr  USA TODAY Sports

1. NO MORE CURSE7 hours ago Cubs Advance to World Series Jon Durr USA TODAY Sports

Democrats so far have kept it close with mail-in ballots, giving Clinton a chance to run up the score with in-person early voting.

The voting numbers are expected to surge even higher next when early voting starts Monday in 50 out of 67 counties.

The number of Democrats and Republicans who have already voted play into this supposedly "promising" positioning for Clinton.

Voters who need mail/absentee ballots must submit a mail ballot request to the Election Department by 5 p.m. November 1.

MA voters can begin casting ballots in this year's contentious presidential race starting Monday - two weeks ahead of Election Day.

Another 167 municipalities earned the group's silver medal for offering an adequate number of sites, at least one weeknight of evening voting each week in the two-week early voting period, and four or more hours of weekend voting. After in-person voting began on Thursday, Democrats overtook Republicans in overall votes cast. That's in addition to 13,755 voters who had requested and returned absentee ballots.

However, more Republicans have requested ballots.

Even though the figures from Iowa and OH might bode well for Trump, they might not even decide the election.

Zamarripa also said he believes interest in this year's general election is being driven not only by the closely watched presidential race but also by competitive down-ballot races for County Commission and the Legislature.

Florida is a battleground state that could determine the presidency of the United States. Some states report the party affiliations of early voters, as well as breakdowns by race and gender.

The expanded early voting that starts today in New Mexico is meant to make it easier to cast ballots, especially in sprawling counties in which some voters live far from the county clerk's office.

Early voting begins at eight more locations in the city on October 28. More than 4.2 million votes have been cast already, far outpacing the rate for this period in 2012. "In every election since 2000, more people have voted before Election Day either at early voting sites or by mail than on Election Day and we expect that trend will continue this year".

Hillary Clinton appears to be displaying strength in the crucial battleground states of North Carolina and Florida among voters casting ballots before Election Day, and may also be building an early vote advantage in Arizona and Colorado.

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