Antigo Police clear YouTube video

Antigo Police clear YouTube video

Antigo Police clear YouTube video

"Why are you doing this?" the woman screams in the video.

Mark Burnett, executive producer of "The Apprentice", told The Associated Press that he doesn't have the right to release unaired footage from the show, but did not respond to requests about specific requirements blocking the release. "An Antigo detective that I spoke to said their phone had been ringing off the hook!"

Roller tells PEOPLE his small department has enlisted the help of outside agencies in determining the video's origin.

"He did feel bad that it had gotten to this level", Roller said.

Police are investigating a possible lead relating to a 2009 missing person case after a disturbing video featuring a screaming tied up teenager introduced as the author's "new girlfriend" went viral seven years after it was first posted on YouTube.

"The Antigo Police Department has identified the video producer/camera man, actor and actress in the video", the statement continued.

The video was posted to YouTube two months later. "I got a new gf!" appeared online that October, FOX News reported. Then it shows the young woman crying.

The video has since been removed for violating YouTube's community guidelines.

"Ok.for everyone messaging me.yes I've seen the video.and to be honest, I nearly had a panic attack at work.shut down my machines and had to go sit outside", he wrote. I haven't been able to watch the video yet, I've seen stills. So it looks like the hunt for Kayla is back to the drawing board. But internet communities recently discovered it, and it popped up on Reddit and in a detailed Imgur thread a few days ago.

Her mother, Hope Sprenger, told ABC affiliate WAOW in Wisconsin that the young woman in the video sounded and looked like Berg. Bull, in a YouTube video of her own, claims visitors to her YouTube channel harassed her and "bombarded" her with questions about whether she's the girl in the video.

They said the girl in the video "looked a lot like" Kayla but have so far been unable to establish its authenticity. "One day we're going to have that one tip that's going to make that difference, and we are gonna find something". "If it is not Kayla, it could be someone else".

"Kayla's disappearance has been a cold case for seven years now, until this connection with the Walter video", the author wrote.

Antigo Police also say the girl at the end of the video does resemble Berg. 'We're not sure if it's a hoax, or if it's true.

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