Samsung says it has found no battery problem in China

Samsung says it has found no battery problem in China

Samsung says it has found no battery problem in China

Samsung said it is investigating both reported cases in China, the world's largest smartphone market.

Last week, Samsung belatedly recalled 1,858 Note 7 phones in China from a different batch that had been distributed before general sales began.

In a brilliant move, Samsung has launched a new site which allows Galaxy Note 7 owners to enter the specific serial code found on their smartphone's packaging box, in order to determine whether their device is at risk of exploding or not.

There have been numerous reports on several Galaxy Note 7 units exploding lately.

T-Mobile says that replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices will be available "in most retail locations" starting Wednesday, Sept. 21.

"We believe the heat problem comes from outside the battery". A few days later, it urged them to immediately turn off the phones. This small batch of phones were given to select members of a Galaxy fan club group that received test units (link in Chinese) prior to the phone's official September 1 launch in China. In our review, editor-in-chief Mark Spoonauer wrote that "i$3 f you want a phone with a big screen, the Galaxy Note 7 should be at the top of your list".

There was a feeling in industry circles that this could be the year where Apple was most vulnerable to a Samsung assault and the Note 7's with their revolutionary new design, twin curving screens, improved stylus and iris scanner looked set to rise to the challenge.

Initial investigations discovered a defect in Galaxy Note 7 handsets, which made the separator between electrodes thinner than normal and susceptible to catching fire when devices got too hot while being charged.

While it is not confirmed whether Samsung used this development process for the Galaxy Note 7, executives have spoken about the company's effort to speed up the design process.

This green battery indicator will appear on new Galaxy Note 7 units following a software update.

Samsung added that customers who exchange their existing device for a new Note 7 can check that their replacement device is not affected by the battery cell issue by looking at the battery icon. It is also specific to major carriers in the USA, meaning that the timetable may be different in other markets, as it is for Korea.

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