EVE Online goes free in November with upcoming Clone States feature

EVE Online goes free in November with upcoming Clone States feature

EVE Online goes free in November with upcoming Clone States feature

CCP has been trying to increase its EVE player counts in many ways.

Over the years EVE has tried to adapt to the changing fashion. "Fall" isn't the right word.

EVE Online has managed to weather the ups and downs of the ever-changing PC market with their subscription model but that is now changing. But that will soon change.

Here's how it works.

Starting this November, players will be separated into Alpha and Omega clone states. How will EVE's dedicated fan base react to the newcomers?

The free-to-play option will launch as a part of a broader expansion that's planned for November. The solution above is what they came up with.

Omega clones will operate just like a subscribed character does today.

Alpha Clones will be a more basic, free-to-play alternative. The alpha clones are, in EVE lore, a cheaper model of clone. People who don't pay for the service will be an Alpha Clone. They picked through them to try and prevent farming of any kind.

Pre-existing paid user profiles will be referred to as "Omega clones", meaning they have full access to all the game's ships and level up faster.

After more than a decade spent slowly building a tight-knit community of paying customers, science fiction MMO EVE Online is ready to open the free-to-play floodgates. To level up mining in World of Warcraft, you go swing a pickaxe.

There's no better time to come fly amidst the lovely nebulae of EVE Online. With the new system the different types of accounts will either have an Omega or Alpha state respectively. The game itself can also often be found quite cheap on sale.

This move by CCP is being classed as the biggest move in the game's history as it has potential to open the game to a much wider audience.

Online has been fairly easy to pick up for a while thanks to the existence of 14-day trials. The game is now 13 years old and turned into a quietly successful MMORPGs during that time with a peak over 500,000 subscribers reached in 2013.

According to CCP, the decision to add a free option has been a long time coming. Even if to just enjoy the scenery. Everyone should jump in for at least a little while.

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