Wednesday Apple Rumors: iPhone 7 Plus Won't Have Smart Connector

Several images posted to TechTastic (via 9to5Mac) allegedly reveal the product packaging for Apple's next-generation handset - the iPhone 6 SE.

There are a few signs that point to this being fake. The images were shared via social media and have fooled some into believing that Apple (AAPL) will call its 2016 iPhone the iPhone 6 SE. Unfortunately, however, a new claim suggests that one of the coolest new features reportedly coming to Apple's new iPhones will be a no-show next month.

Aside from that, naming it the 6 SE makes little to no sense. Carved told followers on social media that the iPhone 7 Plus won't feature a Smart Connector.

"The iPhone 7 will be more evolutionary, not revolutionary", predicts Zino, who says he doesn't think there was an iPhone 7 Pro in the works to begin with. The addition of a Smart Connector port to the iPhone 7 Plus could open the door for a wide range of nifty accessories similar to what we've seen from Motorola with its new Moto Z and Moto Z Force.

One speculation is that Apple will take the opportunity to delay the iPhone 7 in favor of a more modest upgrade labelled the iPhone 6SE, taking the iPhone 6S and slightly improving it rather than the usual complete redesign we are used to seeing with milestone upgrades. This is where it gets confusing as recent rumors have shown that the name of the upcoming iPhone will be iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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