Several tornadoes likely hit Indiana, Ohio; no bad injuries

Several tornadoes likely hit Indiana, Ohio; no bad injuries

Several tornadoes likely hit Indiana, Ohio; no bad injuries

According to the Howard County Dispatch, the Starbucks located in the 1400 block of South Reed Road in Kokomo was heavily damaged.

Johnston said he wanted to remind people to stay away from downed power lines, even if they looked dead. Kokomo Indiana Mayor Greg Goodnight assessed the damage done to his town at a press conference which was held Wednesday night.

A series of tornadoes swept through parts of IN on Wednesday, collapsing a coffee shop and damaging a Kokomo neighborhood that was severely damaged by a twister just two years ago.

"The tornadoes that ripped through IN left a trail of damage to our system, primarily IN Kokomo", stated Chris Lange, Duke Energy's storm incident commander. The rating means a tornado with winds between 136 and 165 miles per hour. Kokomo was hit at 3:24 p.m Wednesday by an IN tornado going more than 30 miles per hour.

And then Wednesday afternoon's storm rolled through the area - the first of eight tornadoes to touch down in the state. Joe Donnelly were among officials who talked with residents in a neighborhood where homes were also damaged by a 2013 tornado.

They caused significant damage, including tossing vehicles into the air, tearing down powerlines and ripping roofs off buildings, and left more than 33,000 people without power.

Nield says it's likely several more tornadoes struck IN, but that those findings won't come until later Thursday.

Photos posted online by Indianapolis Fox affiliate WXIN-TV showed a garden apartment complex heavily damaged in Kokomo.

More than 200 people spent the night in an American Red Cross shelter. Police were restricting access to storm-damaged neighborhoods, saying residents must show identification to gain access. He told the press that, "Kokomo and Howard County will bounce back once again, and once again we've got to reach in deep and do the work of recovery".

The weather service says two other thunderstorms produced separate tornadoes, one in Avon west of Indianapolis and one northwest of Lafayette, which is southwest of Indianapolis.

"It is truly remarkable that there are such a few number of injures or worse in the wake of this storm, given the fact that it literally struck Howard County virtually at shift change in the afternoon, in a great manufacturing town and about the time kids were getting out of school", he said. Authorities say about a dozen people were injured, but none seriously.

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