Public rates Theresa May higher than Jeremy Corbyn

Labour Leadership Candidate Owen Smith Delivers Major Speech On Economy

Getty Images 1 The GMB support for Owen Smith is a blow to Jeremy Corbyn’s hopes of being re-elected as the Labour leader

JEREMY Corbyn's ex-head of policy has launched a scathing attack on the Labour leader, claiming he is not fit to lead the country.

Underneath is a long post saying Mr Corbyn will be the "death of Labour" and claiming he is a career politician who is "ill-equipped" to lead the country.

But Kate Green, who chairs Mr Smith's campaign bid, said "giving some members as little as a week between confirming their vote and ballot papers landing is not sufficient time for them to gather the information they will wish to have about the candidates before they cast their vote".

Around 230 party members attended a meeting of Islington North CLP on Wednesday night to decide on whether to endorse Mr Corbyn or his rival, Owen Smith, in the party leadership contest.

"Labour is in danger of becoming the new "nasty party" if this behaviour continues unchecked".

It emerged last month that more than 180,000 people paid £25 in the space of two days to sign up as registered supporters for a vote in the election and Saving Labour believes around 70,000 of them were those intending to vote against Jeremy Corbyn.

Unison backed Mr Corbyn in last year's leadership election.

Both men are chasing votes from Labour members in their battle for the party leadership on 24 September.

Five new members challenged the move and accused the NEC of unlawfully "freezing" them out of the leadership contest despite them having "paid their dues".

Ed Miliband, endorsing Owen Smith in a video released on Monday. "Sooner or later, that always end up in disaster".

"I look forward to working with the GMB, its members and all in the Labour movement to tackle inequality, invest in strong public services, and for Britain to have trade union and workers' rights that are the envy of the world".

Rhea Wolfson, one of a slate of left-leaning new NEC members, appeared to threaten anti-Corbyn MPs with mandatory reselection to address the "important disconnect" between the parliamentary party and rank-and-file members.

"Of course [I want to come back], yes", he told BBC Radio 4's the World at One. "It's a fact", Mr Watson said.

"Corbyn has an appeal and a very clear view of what the Labour party is, how it should operate and what it stands for".

He said: "We have to have a strategy which builds the best possible relationship with our sister parties and unions all across Europe, whether they're part of the EU or not".

Mr Corbyn's office has not responded to a request for a comment.

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