Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane to Resign Following Conviction

Kane today announced that she will resign her position as Attorney General effective at the close of business tomorrow, August 17. "Her words", a prosecutor said in opening statements, nodding to Kane at the defense table. "We have rules that we have to abide by and there are no exceptions to that", prosecutor Kevin Steele said, adding that the prosecution team were vying for prison time for Kane. Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy also warned Kane that if she retaliates against anyone associated with the trial, her bail will immediately be revoked.

There was no mention of whether Kane intends to resign now.

Kane's exit completes a spectacular fall for the state's highest-ranking female politician. She's a former county prosecutor who soared to victory three years ago as an outsider.

Lawyer Gerald Shargel calls the guilty verdict on all nine counts against Democratic Attorney General Kathleen Kane in a perjury case "a crushing blow" but vows to appeal. "It is astonishing that, even after her criminal indictment and the suspension of her law license, she was permitted to remain in office, where she was free to terrorize honest staff".

Earlier this year, a similar effort fell short of the two-thirds vote needed, but that was before Kane's conviction. Kane's lawyers also complained that the judge had not allowed them to argue in court that the investigation had been propelled by former state prosecutors anxious that Kane would reveal their raunchy, pornographic interoffice emails she had discovered on the office's services.

Kane, who took office 2013, is the second Pennsylvania attorney general to be guilty of a crime since the post became an elected office in 1980.

During five days of testimony, Kane managed to smile as key aides described her as "unhinged" in her pursuit of revenge against Fina for the negative story. If Kane had not resigned, the state Senate's Republican majority leaders threatened a vote her removal from office under a constitutional provision never used in modern history. For now, Kane's handpicked second-in-command, Bruce L. Castor Jr., will continue as the legal head of the office. Her lawyers say she is the victim of an "old-boys network" that shared pornography on state government computers.

After prosecutors concluded their case Friday, Kane opted not to testify and did not call any witnesses on her behalf. She could potentially stay in office until January 17, when a new attorney general selected by voters in November will be sworn in. As the investigation into the leaked grand jury documents unfolded, Kane began releasing the emails, many of which were sent by Fina.

A Montgomery County jury convicted Kane of perjury, false swearing, obstruction, conspiracy, and official oppression.

The jurors agreed with prosecutors that Kane leaked information about a 2009 grand jury probe to embarrass a rival prosecutor.

Gov. Tom Kane, a fellow Democrat, renewed his previous calls for Kane to step down.

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