Kobo Aura One - better than a Kindle Oasis?

Kobo Aura One - better than a Kindle Oasis?

Kobo Aura One - better than a Kindle Oasis?

The Kobo Aura One will be available for pre-order on August 30 from Kobo's website.

If you are in the market for an E-book reader, then the newly launched Kobo Aura One might be the one for you.

Kobo, on the other hand, fitted the Aura One with a larger, 7.8-inch Carta screen. Unfortunately, it can be marred by worrying about dropping your e-reader in the bubbles or being unable to sleep afterwards because of the blue light.

eBooks are great - they're so much more convenient than paperback or hardback titles for travellers and commuters alike, especially if you're the kind of reader that devours long tomes on a regular basis.

With Aura One, Kobo is also introducing the software feature to adjust the colour temperature of the display. By the way, there are no physical buttons save for the power and sleep button on the back of the device.

In Sep. 2014, Canada's Kobo was the first company to launch a waterproof e-reader, the Kobo Aura H2O.

An ambient light sensor automatically detects current light levels to emit the optimal brightness based on the time of day; by setting a bedtime hour, the hue of the light mimics the sun's natural progression.

By comparison, e-book readers from Amazon offer smaller screens and no water resistance.

And in what seems like a throwaway line - it's also waterproof, so no matter where you love to read, you're covered. Kobo has access to more than 5 million titles, which users may download via Wi-Fi. Plus you can use OverDrive - a new book rental service tied to real libraries for free books. So far, the Paperwhite is still the most affordable reader around with almost half the Kobo's price and near-similar specifications.

As is the case with most eReaders, there's a range of font sizes and designs to choose from, as well as options regarding text weighting and sharpness.

The $229.99 Kobo Aura One is not your average ebook reader.

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