'I Don't Buy' Trump's Position on Immigration: Tim Kaine to Stephen Colbert

Left Ann Coulter is shown In June in Pasadena California. Right Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is shown speaking at a campaign rally in Manchester New Hampshire in August. (AP

'I Don't Buy' Trump's Position on Immigration: Tim Kaine to Stephen Colbert

Tim Kaine sought to echo the Clinton campaign's effort to try to tie Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to some of the more racist fringe elements of the country in what were some of the Virginia senator's harshest attacks on Trump yet.

Donald trump "is already floating the conspiracy theory that the election might be rigged, and who knows?"

After introducing Kaine, Colbert mixed humor with serious questions about Trump and Clinton. So at one point, Kaine joined Late Show band Jon Batiste and Stay Human for a minute-long performance.

While visiting one of Florida's historically black colleges on Friday, Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Sen. "Go ahead after him", the comedian said.

"In his early career, Donald Trump was a real estate guy that got sued by the Justice Department for discrimination against people in housing, writing the letter "c" on applications if they were a minority", Kaine said in an excerpt from the interview.

Cribbs also told Politco Kaine is Dr. Pepper man, drinking two to three a day. Colbert ran a video of interviews done with passersby on the street, quizzing each about the identity of Clinton's running mate.

"I never have, never dreamed I would", Kaine said, shaking his head. "And of getting people to understand the critical importance of voting", Kaine said.

"I would say, Philippians. You think half of them are bats**t insane!"

"Do you think people will take him for you?", Colbert asked.

Veep's Tony Hale, Stephen Colbert's other guest of the night, even made an appearance in the cold open to help Kaine remember things (like the name of Colbert's show) like he would do for the HBO show's Julia Louis-Dreyfus character.

"Let's find out", Colbert said. "It's just massive", Kaine added.

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