Google is killing Chrome apps unless you have a Chromebook

Google will Ditch Chrome Apps on Windows Mac and Linux

Google is killing Chrome apps unless you have a Chromebook

The reasoning behind Google's decision is pretty clear: Over the past few years, web technologies have advanced to the point where numerous features of Chrome apps are available on websites.

As to why they are doing this, Google says, "For a while there were certain experiences the web couldn't provide, such as working offline, sending notifications, and connecting to hardware". These web apps will only be supported on Chrome OS for the foreseeable future, Google says.

Google announced yesterday plans to slowly phase out Chrome apps on all platforms by early 2018.

Taking this and the improvements in web standards into account, the company made the decision to retire packaged and hosted apps from all desktop Chrome versions over the next two years.

Are you sad to see the departure of Chrome apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux? And this motion will come into action much sooner than the former, as starting in late 2016 any app published to the Chrome Web Store (whether it's a packaged app or total web app) will exclusively be available to Chrome OS devices. Thus, by 2018, users of the said platforms will not be able to load any of the Chrome apps that are still available for them to access at present.

If it's not entirely obvious, Chrome OS users will be entirely unaffected by this change.

As astounding as the deal sounds, the company states that not a huge portion of people are actively using Chrome apps. A packaged app only functions on Chrome, however, its code can be used for regular web apps. So the message is clear: move your stuff to the web.

Chrome apps are basically apps that run within Google's Chrome web browser, and some look and act like stand-alone apps.

And Google promises that "additional enhancements to the Chrome apps platform" are on the way.

Several tech experts believe that forcing developers to migrate their apps from top operating systems might cause them to lose interest in creating apps for Chromes OS.

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