Favre Wonders If He Really Belongs in Hall of Fame

Favre Wonders If He Really Belongs in Hall of Fame

Favre Wonders If He Really Belongs in Hall of Fame

"He had one of his best games and he says mechanics aren't that important anyway so who cares about your footwork and all that I'm going to play, once you hear that you understand what kind of guy he was", said Butler. "I'd been stuck in Atlanta, third-string, and I don't know where I'd be, '" safety LeRoy Butler said.

Favre has a point. "In other words statistical stuff and the Hall of Fame, I never dreamed of that".

The hype was huge even before Favre took the field. The rest is a familiar scene for Favre. This might upset the Packers faithful, but it's absolutely the right call.

Cunningham was one of the most exciting quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL.

It seems like Favre always had the confidence he could make the throw. Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers will present another inductee, linebacker Kevin Greene, who played and coached under Capers. "I said I would pay his salary if he didn't leave". "When Brett Favre announces his return to football". Favre sits on the board of directors. Staubach was Favre's hero growing up for good reason.

Brett Favre was equal parts desperado and virtuoso during his 20-year National Football League career that was predicated on taking big risks in the game's biggest moments. I mean, he's a leader. So do you. The voters made it clear as well - Favre was the only player in his first year of eligibility to make it into the group of six.

The truth is, Favre's playing days are long past. That part of his career was commemorated in a Hall of Fame exhibit that includes both Packers and Vikings jerseys. To be specific, Favre threw 33 touchdown passes with only seven interceptions to show for it.

A young Steve Mariucci bore the brunt of rookie head coach Mike Holmgren's frustration trying to tame this stallion, but it happened and Mooch couldn't be more proud to see Favre headed to the Hall.

What makes that play so special? "All the dreams that I had as a child were easily achieved and this being one of them", he said. I think I just played and let it flow. It's not supposed to sink in yet, he said.

Of course, an injury to Green Bay Packers quarterback Don Majkowski in 1992 is exactly how Favre got his shot to start as a second-year quarterback out of Southern Mississippi. Of the 25 Hall of Fame quarterbacks, perhaps nobody carries that distinction quite like Favre. Before those four arrived, the Packers had just four winning seasons since Lombardi retired and one playoff win.

Anka finished to a loud round of applause. "I played against safeties that are in the Hall of Fame now, and LeRoy definitely deserves to be there".

Bears fan
"Sure there is but that's all put aside when we get together because our motto is you can hate the team but not the fan" said a Bears fan

Predictably, Favre was the last member to receive that gold jacket Thursday.

That could sum up Favre's career.

His time with the Packers ended poorly. He emerged from rehab to tell everyone that the Packers were going to win the Super Bowl. That earned a "Go Pack Go!" cheer from one of the many Packers fans in attendance.

Tomlinson came unglued when he saw the Patriots stomp all over the Chargers logo following the game while mocking Shawne Merriman's "Lights Out" dance.

His lasting memory wasn't exactly a sporting one.

What can you expect Saturday? In the longevity argument it's Favre all day. And absent that, it's unclear that the pivotal referendum to expand and refurbish Lambeau Field in 2000 ever passes?

"I grew up watching him". "I wouldn't trade those 16 years for anything".

Kenny Anderson is often forgot when you talk about good quarterbacks of the 1970's he led the NFL in passing yards during the 1974 and 1975 seasons, but is most remembered for his run to the Super Bowl with the Bengals in 1981 in which he also won NFL MVP. He was there to see the Raiders smoking in 1993.

In addition to the new HBC Hall of Fame, there are plans to help set off the college football season each year with a nationally televised game at Benson Stadium in Canton between teams from historically black college and universities.

Although NFL training camps have been open for more than a week, this weekend marks the unofficial start of the 2016 season with the Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony and game. Favre gave them that and, thus, provided them an opportunity to get to the Super Bowl. Whether I get in or not, that's a whole different thing.

Somehow, there's nothing wrong with that picture.

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