Conor McGregor Turned Down Movie Role To Focus On Nate Diaz

Conor McGregor Turned Down Movie Role To Focus On Nate Diaz

Conor McGregor Turned Down Movie Role To Focus On Nate Diaz

But first, UFC fighter Conor McGregor has said some really nasty things about professional wrestlers.

The ease in which Diaz took McGregor's back after fending off a takedown attempt prompted numerous Irishman's critics to question his prowess on the ground game, an area where all three of his career defeats have taken place. "To be honest, they're messed up (expletives), if you ask me". I mean fair play to Brock, he got in and fought...but at the end of the day he's juiced up to the eyeballs.

And trust me, as much as I'm defending the sport of pro wrestling, because it is one, just as much as boxing can be considered one, I'm a big fan of Conor McGregor.

When UFC star Conor McGregor was asked about whether he'd ever move to the WWE, he insulted the WWE guys in a huge rant. I feel Cena would destroy him simply because he is in a higher weight class.

Nate Diaz as a UFC champion would surely become big business and finally turn him into one of the sport's biggest attractions. WWE stars such as Seth Rollins, Kalisto and Neville I would argue are built more than the UFC star and are equally, if not more so, fast around an Octogon. Second, regarding "the wrestling crowd".last I checked it was the MMA crowd bitching and moaning about "entertainers" entering "their" sport.

"I did go out there to KO him in the first round", he told reporters.

The biggest reason for the upset result is said to be McGregor's failure to anticipate Diaz' durability, apart from ineffective weight-loss strategy to achieve the featherweight limit.

Midway through the second round, Diaz landed a huge left hand, followed by several more strikes.

Conor, like WWE, knows a lot about how to take the best of both the fight and show businesses to benefit his own bottom line.

"I'm just making sure it ain't me".

McGregor said there are people he respects over there, including the McMahon family, Triple H and The Rock.

According to McGregor, he is taking this rematch with Diaz very seriously and that's why he revamped his training while also relocating his entire camp to Las Vegas to get ready for Diaz.

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