Amy Schumer Addresses Kurt Metzger's Controversial Rape Comments on Charlie Rose

Amy Schumer, who is now on the road promoting her memoir The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, has been defending and condemning a comedian who has written on her Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer.

Amy Schumer doesn't want people to associate her with her former show writer's controversial comments about rape.

It started when Schumer tweeted about how "saddened and disappointed" she was with one of the show's writers, Kurt Metzger, who said some hurtful comments about rape victims.

Schumer later clarified that her Comedy Central show was merely on hiatus as she pursues other projects.

Metzger caught serious flak online after he began writing about Aaron Glaser, a comedian associated with the improv-comedy mainstay Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) in New York City.

Few of her followers responded to the tweet asking if she has fired Metzger, and then Schumer, 35, seemingly announced that "Inside Amy Schumer" has been canceled by tweeting.

Schumer was on the show to promote her new biography, "The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo".

She continued that though she has asked Metzger to refrain from posting similar content, the focus on him has distracted from what she views as the real problem.

Schumer's insistence that Metzger "does not work for" her and that "he is not a writer" on Inside Amy Schumer But Wednesday night, Schumer corrected the record. "Every time we say goodbye, I think, 'This will have been a nice last week together.' Or I tell myself nothing is real and he's going to leave me and tell me he never loved me". His words are not mine", and "I didn't fire Kurt.

"People have different understandings of what sexual assault is, what rape is", she told Rose.

Inside Amy Schumer aired its fourth season finale in June and was renewed for a fifth season by Comedy Central back in January. "There are no writers for it", she tweeted Thursday.

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