Where Shouldn't You Play Pokemon Go?

Pokemon GO fans have been told not to play in the game in US Holocaust Museum.

Pokemon Go allows players to search locations in the real world to find valuable creatures to boost their scores. Reports on Craiglist, according to Gizmodo.com, show some drivers are willing to pick up "Pokemon Go" players and shuttle them around town for an hour for $20-$25 while they go from place to place to play the game.

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum told the Washington Post it was looking to be removed from the game.

Since its release as a free app the game has taken America by storm - it's not yet available in the United Kingdom - but it has been mired in controversy with reports of a one teenage girl finding a dead body while looking for Pokemon.

A spokesman for the Auschwitz Memorial said the presence of the game was "absolutely inappropriate".

But Samara Hutman, executive director at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, said the removal process appears to be swift. The locations, known as "Pokestops" and "Gyms", are based on landmarks submitted by players of Niantic's earlier game, "Ingress".

Other locations, like National Mall and Memorial Parks have embraced the hot game. Niantic Labs' founder John Hanke said previous year that the the company was removing the offending sites from the game. "This is a very serious remembrance of genocide", Folley said. In fact, there are actually three different PokeStops associated with various parts of the museum.

After players were seen battling for control of Auschwitz, Dachau and Sachsenhausen and were met with outrage, the company removed the former Nazi camps from game locations. "We ask all visitors to refrain from such activity", the Arlington Cemetery said on Twitter.

Even though "Pokemon Go" has been an overwhelmingly positive phenomenon - getting people out of the house, exercising and meeting new friends - it's also causing problems for businesses, museums, memorials and government facilities.

Although the museum is uncomfortable with its Pokemon infestation, most of the players building up their digital critter collection inside the building at least didn't seem to mean any disrespect.

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