Wasserman-Schultz Not To Preside Over DNC

Trump taunts claims that Russia hacked DNC emails for him

Wasserman-Schultz Not To Preside Over DNC

But whereas the plan was to have Wasserman Schultz open the proceedings and speak briefly at the start of the convention Monday afternoon, the plan is now to only have her briefly open the convention and then hand things over to Fudge, party sources said.

Representative Marcia Fudge of OH was named as the permanent chair of the Democratic National Convention, who will now be the chair throughout the convention process, performing numerous public functions that would have been done by Wasserman Shultz. "There's simply no one better at taking the fight to the Republicans".

Wasserman Schultz is expected to gavel the convention in and out, but not speak in the wake of the controversy surrounding the leaked emails, a top Democrat said.

One ally pointed to the response Wasserman Schultz received at her home-state Florida delegation Monday morning, where she strained to be heard over a chorus of protests and boos.

"I committed to her that I would serve as a surrogate throughout this campaign so we can make sure she can build on the progress that we've been able to make for the last eight years, because we have a lot of work to do", Wasserman Schultz said.

"It goes without saying the function of the DNC", Sanders said, "is to represent all of the candidates to be fair and even-minded".

"There's been dirty politics throughout history and I certainly hope that Congresswoman Wasserman [Schultz] is defeated in her local election because it's disgraceful", said Sanders supporter Jack Shannahan on Sunday.

The FBI said on Monday it would investigate the nature and scope of the hack.

He also called for Wasserman Schultz to step down from her post. A long time said Hispanic leaders close to Clinton and her high command were discussing Housing Secretary Julian Castro as a possible successor to Wasserman Schultz at the DNC helm, among a number of other candidates whose name are being mentioned.

Last week, Wikileaks released thousands of emails from within the Democratic National Committee.

Now the Democrats are struggling with the fallout from a scandal that threatened to mushroom into a major crisis just as the party was supposed to coalesce around its nominee.

Canova's south Florida campaign for Congress has reflected some of the themes that Sanders used nationwide to appeal to progressives, including a push for campaign finance reform.

One of the more controversial emails included a discussion of whether Sanders is Jewish or an atheist, which Clinton on Sunday called "unacceptable" while telling CBS' "60 Minutes" program that she had not read the leaked documents.

Danielle Nottingham, CBS news, reporting from Philadelphia.

"Donald Trump would be a disaster for this country", Sanders continued. Elizabeth Warren, who will be the keynote speaker.

His supporters were already dismayed last week when Clinton passed over liberal favorites like U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA to select the more moderate U.S. Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia as her vice presidential running mate. "But I think that's something that needs to be investigated carefully and not jump to conclusions", Feingold said.

Since his endorsement earlier this month of Clinton, Sanders has been an enthusiastic defender of the presumptive nominee's credentials as a fighter for liberal causes he campaign on, as well as a fierce critic of Donald Trump. That message - and the endorsement of Sanders - has helped the political upstart raise a surprising $2.2 million through June 30, mostly through small donations, after refusing to take money from political action committees.

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