Star Trek: Discovery Officially Takes Place In The Prime Universe

Michelle Ang has received her first Emmy nomination

CRAIG SIMCOX FAIRFAX NZ Michelle Ang has received her first Emmy nomination

The new 13 episode series, from showrunner Bryan Fuller and CBS Television Studios, will be titled Star Trek: Discovery, it was announced yesterday at San Diego Comic Con during the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Panel.

The first images of the starship U.S.S. Discovery (which appears to be our main character vessel for the new show) hit Comic Con yesterday with the intriguing numerical designation of NCC-1031.

The show "will be told like a novel", Fuller told the audience, describing a season-long story "chapter by chapter". "And right now, we need a little help", said Fuller nearing the end of the panel.

Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller are co-creators and executive producers for the new Star Trek series, based on Gene Roddenberry's original series.

Joined at the panel by Scott Bakula, the Star Trek stalwart noted that, "the great thing about science fiction is the optimism present in the genre..." In January of 2017 Star Trek will be returning to television - at least what we consider television now - streaming on CBS All Access without the former restraints that the franchise felt of broadcast television. We don't know exactly when Discovery will take place in the Prime timeline-whether it'll be set years in the future from Voyager or if it'll happen even before Enterprise.

It was Fuller's presence that suggested fans might learn more about the upcoming CBS series because he has been brought in to serve as executive producer on the new Star Trek series. In it a new Enterprise-style ship is shown and slowly revealed to be the USS Discovery. "I think what the new series has to do is continue to be progressive, to continue pushing boundaries".

Star Trek: Discovery will hit United Kingdom screens in January, with episodes available 24 hours after the US.

"We're telling stories in a a brand new way", he said.

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