Smaller protests, no marches on convention's Day 3

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The first event was the most consequential.

Hillary Clinton, along with her daughter, Chelsea, are scheduled to address the convention on Thursday, when she formally accepts the nomination. Reporter: State by state, delegates pledging their votes for both Clinton and sanders.

Actress Eva Longoria said it is time for Democrats to rally to Clinton's defense.

"And if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say, I may become the first woman president but one of you is next".

Sections of the convention hall were left conspicuously unpopulated as delegates from strongly pro-Sanders delegations, including California, walked out after Sanders moved that Clinton be named the nominee.

But Clinton's securing of a major-party nomination on Tuesday night was unprecedented. It was simply not close. His scolding of pundits who carve up America into red and blue states, and his declaration that there is no black or white America but "we are one people" looks largely aspirational after a decade of increased political polarization and months of heighten racial tensions.

The convention roared its approval, although surely not unanimously. You can even chant "Lock her up!" about Hillary.

NPR's Sam Sanders followed some of the Bernie Sanders supporters out of the arena and into the media tent where they staged a silent sit-in. Some had their mouths taped or gagged.

Some went on to join protesters in nearby Franklin D. Roosevelt Park or on Broad Street, where Black Lives Matter demonstrators had marched for six miles from North Philadelphia to confront police and counterdemonstrators outside the convention perimeter.

While the Sanders walkouts were absent, the second phase of the Tuesday night session took over. It was a striking parallel to the role Clinton played eight years ago when she stepped to the microphone on the convention floor in Denver in support of her former rival, Barack Obama. The stories came from classmates from sixth grade, college chums, US senators, and an impressive array of New Yorkers that included a September 11 survivor and a first responder from that day. White House officials have described him as a "convert" to Clinton's cause who, after fighting her bitterly in the 2008 Democratic primary, saw her abilities firsthand when he named her secretary of state.

While the accolades from such party luminaries as Sen. "As he said, people in Arkansas didn't know that she was the reason that they were benefiting from so many of these different programs". But perhaps the most important message she and her campaign are trying to deliver this week is a scorching indictment of her Republican opponent as someone who has spared nearly no group from insult or injury, be they veterans' widows, American Indians, immigrants, Muslims, the disabled or women.

Then the gears shifted into the session's third and final phase. Dong... Chiang Mai for I have never... know... the... bill Clinton morning to change me a catchphrase for the woman he wants to take his old downs...

The former chief executive leaned into his assignment.

Much has been made of Kaine's time working with Roman Catholic missionaries in Latin America as a young law student - he's fluent in Spanish. But he returned to his script before concluding his remarks. To drive the point home, the audience was told to wave signs that said, "Change Maker". They'll be closely watching to see what, if anything, he says about the deal, which he came out against the day after joining the Clinton ticket. "Beyond the Obama coalition, I think he really reaches people that the Democratic Party has struggled to get since 2000", said Teege Mettille, a delegate from Ashland, Wisconsin. He congratulated the Democratic delegates on choosing "the real one", and rejecting the cartoon caricature.

But First Lady Michelle Obama finally brought the convention together with soaring speech urging support for Hilary which brought tears to the eyes of many delegates.

One of the recurring themes at the convention in Philadelphia has been Trump's at times degrading treatment of women, including a video montage of him explaining how "putting a wife to work is a very unsafe thing" and telling a female reporter, "You wouldn't have your job if you weren't lovely".

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