Pokemon Go Fever Pushes Nintendo Stock Up 25%

Ready to see what all the Pokemon Go hype is about?

But if you'd prefer to skip over those three and go for the gold - er, yellow - you can grab Pikachu, the most iconic Pokemon of them all, as your starter Pokemon.

There's no time frame as to when it will be officially available outside of Australia, New Zealand, and the United States with the rollout now suspended due to overwhelming demand. While Pokemon GO is based on another title, Ingress, any game is going to have a greater chance of success when it features one of the most popular franchises ever.

A man in MA is making the best of an awkward situation after his house was mistakenly set as a Pokémon GO "Poke Stop".

Last October, Niantic Labs raised $20 million in funding from Nintendo, the Pokemon Co. and Google.

The Pokemon GO app, which uses a smartphone's Global Positioning System to lead players in a scavenger hunt-type search to find digital Pokemon around town, has skyrocketed to the top of worldwide app stores. Once you catch a Pokemon, you can take them to a gym where they can battle other Pokemon.

It is now on more Android phones than dating app Tinder and its rate of daily active users was neck and neck with social network Twitter, the analytics firm said.

Topping both categories may seem contradictory, but this is due to the actual app being a free download, as well as has in-app purchases that resulted in it qualifying for both categories, according to Game Spot. Once a player has enough Pokemon of a high enough level they can challenge the gym and ultimately become the gym leader. For example, two women in New Zealand rented a kayak to claim territory in the middle of Wellington's bay.

A 19-year-old Wyoming girl stumbled on a drowned man's body while searching for an animated mutant.

The Japanese gaming group saw its vale surge $7bln after the release of the game, in which users can interact with on-screen characters and objects by physically exploring their real-world surroundings. Your smartphone lets you know when one is near.

Pokemon game adds $7.5bn to Nintendo market value in 2 days
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