Pokémon Go plans 'sponsored locations' as hit game drives traffic to stores

Before his foray into augmented reality, Hanke was co-founder and chief executive of Keyhole Inc.

Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips! Players from the United Kingdom pondering whether Brexit will impact the European launch of Pokemon GO also need not worry, as it looks like they are included in this roll out - which makes sense, especially since they are still a part of the European Union for the time being.

If you want to witness a viral event which relates the Internet and the real life "Pokemon Go" is your word. One Reddit user tried it on a dummy account on their Android phone to see what happens.

Niantic, a Google startup that created Pokémon Go with Nintendo, is working on the situation but that means little to these frustrated would be Ash Ketchums.

Given the success of the app, gamer are bound to hear many stories that stoke suspicion both of the app and the players.

Already available on the App Store, version 1.0.1 of Pokemon Go expressly addresses the Google problem, or as Niantic worded it in the update, "Google account scope". If that's the case there are two ways to revoke access to your entire Google account so the game can only use your email address and name to log in.

- For the rest of the world, it is possible to get access unofficially, by setting up an iPhone account in one of the above countries or, for Android users, by downloading a Pokemon Go APK file. This can be done by feeding the Pokemon Stardust and then finally evolving them using their respective Candy type.

B - Personally, I would do this second method as it ensures that the permissions are properly fixed.

It says it was the result of a programming blunder, not an attempt to tap users' personal information - and that it never took advantage of its ability to read gain full access to Google Apps and their data. It appears Niantic is finally preparing to roll out the application Europe-wide, as Pokemon GO has officially touched down in Germany.

Pokemon Go players use their smartphones to "hunt" for and catch Pokemon characters to win points.

Developers behind the game recently admitted they mistakenly asked for full access to Google users who sign-up, when only basic access is needed. The easiest way, provided no relative across the pond is willing to help you, is to set up a U.S. shipping address with a free site such as Viabox.

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