Microsoft lowers Xbox One 500GB price to $249

Microsoft lowers Xbox One 500GB price to $249

Microsoft lowers Xbox One 500GB price to $249

If you don't need the fancy new Xbox One S, which hits store shelves in just over a weeks time, then it might be the flawless time to hop on the Xbox One train.

If you've been holding out for an Xbox One because of its price, there hasn't been a better time to buy the console.

The offer includes one of the following games: Forza Motorsport 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition or Rare Replay.

But Microsoft has done the unthinkable: it already reduced the price of the "old" Xbox One yet again. The current price cut carries the same plan to clear out existing stock to make room for the new Xbox One S console which is scheduled to launch on August 2.

New Xbox one S has few added features one it would be smaller than this version, second it won't be having any external power supply.

The latest price cut was announced by Lawrence Hryb, the Emmy Award-winning director of programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live, better known as Major Nelson on Twitter.

As for the "Slim", the roll-out is expected to come at a price of $399 for its 2TB version.

If a user fails to do so, he or she might lose access to the gamertag associated with the Microsoft account, and that gamertag may become available for use by other XBL users.

Now Gamespot is also reporting that GameStop is escalating the deal with a 1TB Xbox One console for $239.99.

Xbox One was released in November 2013.

However, if you do not care about the difference in strength of the console go ahead and take advantage of the sale while it is available. However, the Xbox One S supports an HDMI 2.0a which is now able to provide 60 Hz video outputs.

As well, any saves, achievements, and Gamerscore are saved between both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, meaning that there's minimal hassle going between the systems or just transferring to the newer system.

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