Kalamazoo cop dances to Tupac at Black Lives Matter walk

Activist and protest organizer DeRay Mckesson appeared on CNN this morning, where he came up with a curious metaphor to explain why "all lives matter" is a distraction from "black lives matter".

Speaking with Chris Cuomo on Monday, McKesson doesn't mince words when explaining why the movement is called "Black Lives Matter", rather than "All Lives Matter".

A second rally in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States was held in downtown Montreal's Cabot Square Saturday afternoon. Members will also be protesting "police brutality against Black residents here in Syracuse, and will present their demands at the march".

"Everything is going to be okay as long as we continue to work together and push together, we are going to give respect to the ones that lost their lives for no reason", he said.

We can really listen and understand the concerns of the Black Lives Matter movement, and we can take on the responsibility of educating ourselves.

But as violence against the police escalates, some parts of the media have begun blaming the "Black Lives Matter", movement for the incidents, saying their slogan needs to be replaced with "All Lives Matter".

More than 8000 have expressed interest on the Facebook page for the rally, organised after a spate of police shootings of African Americans.

Police took a lot of criticism as the community reminded them that a lot of change still needs to happen.

The former husband of singer Mariah Carey stood in front of banners and posters calling for justice and an end to shootings of black men by police.

"There have been mistakes on both sides, but by coming together. we can move forward", said Phoenix Police Department Assistant Chief Mike Kurtenbach, adding he welcomes the community's criticism when mistakes are made.

He said the group was remembering all lives lost.

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